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Security has been a major concern in recent times. Thanks to affordable technology that makes everyone get it.

Our Premium Monitoring Experience

With an expansive range of devices, we fit the right product for your need that justifies the cost.


Sharpen your senses

Thanks to a 3-mega pixel image sensor, you’ll experience vivid clear video and incredible image detail.

Widen your field view

Capture an entire room without ever having to pan or zoom.

Get up to 30x closer

If you need to dive into details, you can use the zoom and enhance feature to focus on specific part of a room.

Stream more smoothly

Make the most of your Wi-Fi, 3G or smart PoE connection with the steady consistency of dual band radio.

Get motion and sound alerts

Get emails or push/sms notifications instantly when motion and sound are detected.

Stream it live from any device

Experience live video of your cameras from a computer, tablet or smartphone


Right where you need security. Outdoor units come with IP66 rating weather proof engineering.

And that’s just the beginning


Video Surveillance Cameras
IP/Networked Videos
Integrated Video Solutions
Hosted Video Services
Video Alarm verification
Risk Assessment
Video Storage Systems
Video Analytics
Service & Installations

Peace of mind no matter where you go

Check all that’s important using your smartphone, tablet or computer – whether you’re around the city or across the country.

Listen to what’s happening

Built-in mic enables you to hear at ease.

Keep an eye on things, even in the dark

Watch out round the clock with crystal clear night vision.

Set your recording schedule

Pre-set your camera to turn on and off based on time of day.

Know what’s going on

Get motion, sound and offline alerts via email/sms. Choose what types of alerts you’d like to receive and when.

Wi-Fi blended Surveillance

This cloud camera works as a wireless extender, which means you’ll have additional wireless coverage around each camera you deploy.

Have a second look

Save and share footage from the past. Keep track of significant activities and create custom alerts.

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