Be there from anywhere

Staying connected has never been easier. Whether, you prefer to use your computer, tablet or smartphone, our devices comes with native app for all the platforms.

View all of your cameras in one place

Scroll through past activity at a glance.

Receive alerts no matter where you are

Get instant notification about important activities.

Take a second look

Save and share footage from the past with live recording option. Keep track of important activities and create custom alerts.

Set up the app for your cam in your smartphone or tablet

Download the app, be connected to internet and start streaming.

Control your cameras from any device

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to stay connected.

Watch your live stream anywhere you have internet access.

Access all of your camera streams at once.

Get customized alerts and set preferences.

Pan and zoom in your video feed to get into details.

Schedule your cameras according to your timetable.

Get intelligent alerts from specified activity zones.

Save almost a year’s video footage and review it whenever you want.

Create a timelapse of an event or an entire day that you can watch in a minute.

Make and save clips from your footage and share them with friends and family.

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