Never miss a moment

Surf saved footage, make a clip and share
Our high-end DVR/NVR automatically saves live video on a rolling basis. You can keep track of activities in room, receive custom alerts, and make and share clips.

Here’s what you get

Save up-to a year of footage in the HDD and review it whenever you want.

Customize activity zones so you can receive alerts about specific areas.

Create a time lapse of an event or an entire day that you can watch in a minute.

Make clips from the saved footage and share them with your people.

Go back in time

Scan through past footage. Save and share clips of moments you’d like to remember.

Smarter alerts that you can customize

With customized activity zones, you can choose what specific areas of a room you want to keep a closer eye on.


Save and share special moments

Have a moment you want to preserve? Find it in your saved footage and make a clip. Then download it to your computer and share.

Catch him with evidence

It’s not possible to check in right when something happens. With saved footage, you can secure your property at ease.


Capture more for less

Record multiple cameras from your home or business at a time.

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