Protect your loved

ones for less

Setting up a home security system doesn’t have to break the bank. With affordable pricing, live streaming, night vision and mobile apps, it’s simple to stay connected with the place you call home.

Guard your parking


Deter theft and capture evidence of illegal activity by protecting your facility or property with a modern video surveillance system.

Campus Surveillance

Efficiently monitor large school campuses and outdoor with a wireless video surveillance system.

Save money with simple and yet effective security

Set up multiple cameras for a fraction of the cost of a traditional video surveillance system. With live streaming, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you happen to be.


Industrial Park Surveillance

Achieve maximum operational continuity, lower costs through preventive maintenance and thus operate in safe and secure park environments.

Protect your place round the clock

Retail Security Systems

Keep an eye on your things to prevent shoplifting and any sort of crime tricks.

Solve suspicious


Relax when you’re away

Check your business location round the clock with night vision. Zoom in if you want to get details and receive customized alerts according to your preferences of activities.



Make your camera public

Customers love knowing what goes down when they’re not around. Whether you showcase your cooking-skills or call out your latest creation, offering a live view of your business is a great way to attract customers, generate some buzz and encourage repeated visits.

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