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Boiler Pipeline Insulation

We offer services for the renovation of boiler plant pipe systems in existing power plants. Our services include planning, materials, prefabrication and installation by an experienced and skilled crew.

Our competent repair and maintenance technicians can solve clients’ problems quickly. Thanks to our extensive resources, we can handle challenging projects, such as plant shutdown projects, without problems. We always deliver on time, so plant shutdown times can be kept to a minimum.

We have qualified engineers on our payroll to carry out the necessary calculations, drawings and stress analyses according to customers’ requirements. Our engineering team is well-versed in the planning and design of new systems as well as renovations.
We use state-of-the-art engineering tools which enable us to offer flexible deliveries with short turnaround times.

Professional implementation, skillful planning and high-quality materials help lengthen the useful life of pipe systems and reduce the need for maintenance.

Examples of pipe maintenance work:

  • Repairs and renovations of pressure reducing valves and piping

  • T-fittings and reducers etc.

  • Inspections, renovations and alterations of pipe hangers

  • Soot-blowing steam pipes

  • Desuperheaters

Boiler Piping Fabrication

IdeasIT has an on-site fabrication shop that allows us to create customized piping solutions to match specifications. We are experienced in working with many different metals, both on-site and off-site, and our engineers are code certified.

Piping Installation

Our experienced technicians are certified to perform all aspects of piping installation, both new and replacement. From fabrication to welding in Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Refinery, and Pulp & Paper applications.

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