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Ideas IT Ltd.  Believes That Great Services Are Worth It

Ideas IT Ltd. is one of the Information Technology & Engineering solution providers in Bangladesh. From the inception in 2004, it has offered complete technological solutions with the most up to date & recent technologies.

Our clients have been able to rely on our ability to provide stable and consistent connectivity solutions.

From the belief, “Knowledge is power”, our employees have been drawing upon their knowledge and experience while remaining open to new developments. Many of our employees re-invented themselves and their transformation and contribution has been the cornerstone of our success.

We believe in the significance of working transparently and in spreading our expertise with our clients in an open hand-on manner. Our process is built on regular communications and setting expectations with clients before the beginning of a task.

We prefer to make little course corrections rather than making big ones, which saves both time and money. Bring out the customer smile by reaching extra mile. Offering the best possible solutions to enable clients’ productivity and efficiency.

Ideas IT Ltd. employs more than 100 employees with diverse skill sets and expertise. Through years of experience Ideas IT Ltd. is able to accurately assess constantly changing customer requirements, offering the most extensive and affordable IT & Engineering services & available.

Our concentration is to achieve customer satisfaction by persistently exceeding quality, safety and assure the standard.

  • We do the right thing regardless the consequence.

  • We value openness and honesty.

  • We set high expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our service.

  • We’ll manage your IT department smartly and create value

  • We encourage non-traditional thinking and calculated risk taking. Which will enable us to learn as individuals and a business.

To be a premier name in its business segment by fully understanding the diverse market requirements and providing clients with the right products to achieve consistent success.

  • We champion an environment of honesty, transparency, fairness and high moral standards.

  • We embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes.

  • We strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.

  • We build strong relationships and alliances to achieve success for the long term.

  • We encourage initiative and provide opportunity for our clients.

Trusted Partners

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Satisfied clients picture & comments

“I have been a client of IdeasIT for 5 years and they have consistently supported providing solutions for my business. Being a small business owner, I know how important it is to have functioning technology on a day to day basis. Common sense tells us that prevention is better than mere reaction to problems and IdeasIT has expertly set up my IT systems to ensure a smooth running office. In the rare event we did incur problems, the team were quick to respond and resolve the issue.”

 Major Clients

Our company exists due to our customers, we respect and are thankful to them. We study their needs carefully in order to react efficiently when called upon and we develop for them and with them all the tailored and professional services they need.

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