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Access Control System

Access Control Systems provide security by allowing or denying a person’s admittance to an area or facility through the use of access cards or biometric recognition. With the appropriate security system in place, your building or company can not only control individual’s right of entry, but also record the time, date, and locations where the employee or guest entered and exited.

We also expertly install intrusion detection and security systems consisting of motion sensors, smoke detectors, and door and window coverage to keep you safe from intruder.

Our systems allow for total customization to protect your building, so you can select among options.
This gives you the ability to cover your entire building or strategically protect entrances and key areas. A variety of user programming options makes this solution perfect for your building’s specific needs.

Complete solutions including all hardware and software.

  • Technical Trainers can help train your employees and administrators.

  • Multiple support tiers offer phone, chat and email support.

  • Hardware and software upgrade, update and warranty packages available

  • Large team of engineers to manage systems from implementation through support

  • Variety of authentication methods including biometric data collection, barcode or magnetic stripe cards, pin ID, and more.

  • Define access rules and prevent unauthorized access • Provide real-time data collection insight and reports

  • Integrate access control easily with time and attendance, intrusion systems and fire alarm systems.

Motion Detector

IdeasIT provides a dramatic improvement in both sensitivity and stability over traditional security-related motion detection designs.

Smoke Detector

IdeasIT is the largest provider of smoke detector compliance and maintenance services in Bangladesh, currently servicing clients each day through the working week with the largest field service capability.

Door and Window

There are dozens of door access options for your organization. Ranging from expensive, local systems that run on your unique server to customizable cloud-based access control systems.

Wireless System

Access control system integrates with a range of wireless and off line locks, to provide a comprehensive wireless access control solution.


Panic buttons are connected to the organization’s access control and security management system, which transmits the alarm to the control center.


IP security solutions to users in diverse industrial markets. Its Perimeter Intrusion Detection solution helps users run their operations safely, securely and efficiently.

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