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Tank Fabrication & Erection

With the know-how to meet specific requirements and specifications, and using a variety of metals such as stainless, carbon steel and aluminum, IdeasIT have successfully fabricated and installed tanks for food and beverage and chemical industry clients to suit a range of uses including syrup, juice, milk and water tanks, as well as chemical, oil, fuel and CIP tanks. We have further experience with pressure vessels, cookers, jacketed and insulated tanks.
In addition to tank fabrication and supply, we can assist with the accompanying process pipework, pumps, valves and structural platforms.

Field Erected Thickener Tanks Fabrication:

  • Steel tank erection

  • Steel tank install and repair

  • Custom Tank Fabrication

Steel tank erection

One of our most appreciated innovations on the world market is the IdeasIT steel tank erection set-up. The steel tank erection set-up is a very cost-efficient way of constructing large-volume cisterns and has been developed from our knowledge.

System Devices

Replacing a cistern base or foundation repairs. The base of an old cistern may have to be replaced. In this case, jacking units are erected externally.

Custom Tank Fabrication

The tank and vessel industry consists of boilers, chemical mixing, water storage tanks, other storage, tankers, reactors, water treatment, food preparation, and restaurants.

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