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Generator & Sub-Station Installation

Our multi-layered security and safety measures around substations ensure public safety, protect the integrity of the equipment and assure the ability of the transmission network to ‘keep the lights on’. Ideas IT Ltd.’s transmission lines is moved through to large industrial customers or the distribution network where it is taken to homes and businesses.

Our experienced installation teams can design and deliver a project managed solution to meet clients requirements. Our ability to deliver a wide range of services in-house, ensures direct project management and best value for money. Our clients benefit from projects that are delivered on time to budget with comprehensive handover packages.

Generator installation is the only way to ensure automatic standby power protection that really works when you need it the most. Power Protection and Diesel Generators are synonymous with each other as the only serious way to guarantee emergency power for critical systems in the event of a power failure.

Health and Safety is a paramount concern to all customers and our excellent safety record. And the key facts are:

  • HV Switchgear

  • HV Transformers

  • LV Feeder Pillars

  • LV Switchgear

  • HV and LV Panel Boards

  • HV and LV Cables

  • Generation and associated Services

  • Complete internal and external Switch room installations

  • Control Cable installations


Transformers are the largest single piece of equipment in a substation. They work by increasing the voltage of the electricity produced by the generator


You can choose to have your diesel generator built in any of the following ways and choose what size of fuel tank, color etc.

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