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Data Audio & Video

Communications is dramatically changing right now, as “mobility” and “IP” technologies such as LTE, Advanced LTE, WiMax, 3G, and Broadband Internet, lead this transformation. As these technologies are rolled out, basic voice/video/data quality will ultimately determine the fate of carriers and end equipment manufacturers. Simple and effective methods of testing voice, video, and data are sorely needed – IdeasIT’s Voice, Video, and Data Quality Test Solution provides this flexibility of connecting to and between any network, any service, and any interface.

From complete telephone systems from top manufacturers, to planning and installation, IdeasIT’s Voice & Data can help take your phone communications to the next level. We work with companies large and small to develop the right solution.

No matter what your current situation, we can leverage technology and the Internet to provide a back-office and communication infrastructure that has a positive effect on your business processes and the bottom line:

  • We’ve eliminated everything from the process that doesn’t add value.

  • We combine our services with technologies from industry leaders to provide the best business technology foundation to meet your needs.

  • We associate with the people and companies developing the most effective solutions in the industry.

Video Solutions

Video Quality Test Solution is used to determine the performance of a video call over a given network. It provides support for Android, PC and Linux based clients (end points) for active Video Quality Testing.

Voice Solutions

IdeasIT provides the one box solution for sending/recording voice/video/data over a variety of network interfaces in an automated and synchronized manner.

Data Solutions

Data solution is enhanced to support Data Testing using the NetTest application from PC and from mobile device (using MDC). The PC internet connection can be wired Ethernet, WiFi, or even Broadband card.

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