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Pipeline Fabrication & Installation

IdeasIT provides heavy mechanical pipe-fabrication and installation services to the power, petrochemical, nuclear, oil and gas, infrastructure, defense and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have the capability to manufacture and install large and complex, low and high-pressure fabricated piping systems using both standard and exotic materials. We can support projects with high pipework requirements.

This capability supports our on-site mechanical delivery teams and offers significant benefits to our customers’ overall project delivery. Utilizing off-site fabrication enhances health and safety performance, productivity, programmed certainty and commercial delivery.


  • Relocation of Plant & Equipment

  • Design & Installation

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Labor Hire

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Gas & Fuel Industry

  • Steam Industry

  • X-Ray & Welding Procedures

Pipeline Welding

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) to be followed for the welding to be qualified and the Procedure qualification record (PQR) is approved before start of welding.

Pipeline Bending

For changes in vertical and horizontal alignment, pre-fabricated cold field bends are provided. Over bends are made in manner that center of bend bears the highest point of trench bottom.

Pipeline Lowering

Lowering shall commence after inspection of trench. Trench bottom shall be free from pipe supports, stones, roots, debris, stakes, and rigid material.

Pipeline Stringing

Coated pipes shall be strung on approved soft earth/sand filled bag and wedge in such a way that bottom of the coated pipe remain above ground.

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